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from to years

Item no. Z1023

2 to 6 years

56,19 €


Item no. 11023

1 to 6 years

62,95 €


Turtle Checkers

Description: Classic checkers game, with 24 sea turtle-shaped pieces of FSC Read More

Item no. 983

6 to 99 years

14,95 €


Dance Mixer

Description: With the Dance Mixer you can dance and mix Hip Hop music by pressing the icons on the playmat: a fun way to encourage musical creativity with a modern style! The playmat includes a... Read More

Item no. 1916

3 to 16 years

37,95 €


Item no. 1942

0 to 99 years

46,95 €


Animals Dancing Challenge

Description: The dancing challenge, now with animals! Use yours hands and feet to follow the game rhythm and reach the animals. But do not forget: each level will be more complicated than the p... Read More

Item no. 1910

3 to 8 years

41,95 €