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from to years

Activity Play Display

Description: Display with Activity Play games. 4 versions of the same game: remote control in yellow, blue, red and green.Number of players: From 1 to 4.Display dimensions: 170 x 35 x 40 cm (with cardboard). 158 ... Read More

Item no. EXP Activity P

3 to 99 years

Scientist Display

Description: Scientist display with different games. It includes: Fun Chemistry (3 units), Chemical Miracles (3 units), Fantastical Bubbles (3 units), Magnetism (3 units), Optical Illusions (3 ... Read More

Item no. EXP Científico

3 to 16 years

Creative Display

Description: Creative display with the following games: Chocolate Factory (3 units), Magic Box (3 units), Rose Candles (3 units), Stained-glass flowers (3 units), Magnets: Tran... Read More

Item no. EXP Creativos

5 to 12 years

Item no. M3000

0 to 0 years

Item no. M3001

0 to 0 years

Plush Display

Description: Plush display with microwave-shaped box. There are 18 stuffed animals in the display, as well as 18 boxes: White Dog (2 units), Cow (2 units), Elephant (2 units), Giraffe (2 units), Puppy (2 units), Sleepy Bear Purple (2 units)... Read More

Item no. EXP Peluches

0 to 99 years