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Juguetes Educativos BP > Crux25 Game

from 6 to 88 years

 Item no.:400025

Description: Crux25 consists of a game board and 25 high quality plastic chips: 14 small chips, 10 medium chips and 1 large chip. The game will fascinate you from the start, while trying, alone or with other players, to place the 25 chips on the board. But attention: all your skill is required to decipher the secret of Crux25! It is a super skill and concentration training. It is time to prove your mathematical knowledge to find how to include all the chips in the available space. Advice: Do not put the chips in a violent or forced way into the center of the board.

Number of players: From 1 to 4.

Item dimensions: 19 x 19 x 5 cm.

Standard display: 12 units.

Required batteries: No.

Recommended age: From 6 to 88 years old.

9,95 €