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Murphyx: Count the Nines (5 players)

from 9 to 99 years

 Item no.:500102

Description: Murphyx is a fun mathematical game that introduces you to the 9 arithmetic verification test. The game objetive is to be the first player to reach number NIX, by using the 8 chips distributed in every round. Each of the coloured chips is reversible, with the particularity that both sides make 9. The 9 method is based on reducing to 0 those digits that are 9 or make 9, so we can reduce a great number to one digit, and check whether our operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are correct. This game is up to 5 players.

Number of players: From 2 to 5.

Item size: 21,5 x 21,5 x 8 cm

Standard box: 20 units.

Required batteries: No.

Recommended age: From 9 years old.

*Only available in Spanish.

19,95 €